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MPP Yvan Baker Announces that the Province has Successfully Acquired Silver Creek School from the Toronto District School Board

Agreement to Save Silver Creek Finalized

Etobicoke - I am so pleased to announce that the agreement for the Province of Ontario to acquire Silver Creek Public School from the Toronto District School Board has been finalized. The acquisition of Silver Creek Public School, by the province of Ontario, ensures that children with autism, mental health needs and pre-school children with special needs and their families are able to be served in a community based setting.

The transition from TDSB to provincial ownership will ensure that the services that children and families receive at Silver Creek Public School will be maintained and preserved without any disruptions.

For decades, Silver Creek Public School has been home to The Etobicoke Children’s Centre and Silver Creek Pre-School – organizations who care for children with special needs.

Soon after I was elected, I learned that the Toronto District School Board was planning to sell Silver Creek Public School, which would displace these two organizations and affect the services provided to the children and families that both organizations serve.

It was unacceptable to me that we would endanger services for the most vulnerable children in our community.

That is why I fought alongside members of our community, including Friends of Silver Creek, to protect these vital services. I advocated with the Premier, several ministers and MPPs to urge the province to save Silver Creek.

In early 2017, we convinced the Government of Ontario to agree to purchase Silver Creek Public School from the TDSB and in April 2017, the province announced the purchase of the building.

Today I am pleased to announce that that the Province has completed the purchase of Silver Creek from the Toronto District School Board, protecting the services for children with special needs and the green space for years to come.



“Friends of Silver Creek thank MPP Yvan Baker for championing Silver Creek School, ensuring that Silver Creek Pre-School, The Etobicoke Children's Centre and the attached green space are protected and remain in our community serving children with special needs, mental health needs and autism. MPP Baker worked diligently to achieve this goal and was always available to the community and respectful of residents’ concerns. Working with Yvan has demonstrated that strong community partnerships and advocacy result in positive outcomes. We are grateful for his advocacy for Etobicoke Centre.” Tracie Napoli and Janet Griffiths-Maxymiw, Co-Chairs, Friends of Silver Creek

“We want to thank the phenomenal Yvan Baker MPP, Etobicoke Centre, for his significant support in our efforts during a time when the ongoing seamless success of our community was vulnerable. With the support of this grass roots leader, Silver Creek Pre-School will continue to serve the community that has embraced and welcomed the families who need our specialized services.” Irena Setnik, Executive Director, Silver Creek Pre-School

“The ECC is very grateful to MPP Baker for his leadership, continual support and diligence in ensuring that much needed services for children with mental health needs and autism remain at Silver Creek. MPP Baker’s efforts led to a successful outcome which will support children, youth and families in a community-based location. Thank you!” Ewa Deszynski, Executive Director, The Etobicoke Children’s Centre


Etobicoke MPP Yvan Baker finalizing deal to save Silver Creek, Etobicoke (May 4, 2018)



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