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  • March 27, 2018

Focused On Results: Yvan Baker's Winter 2018 Community Newsletter

Dear Friends,

In case you didn't get a hard copy delivered to your mailbox, I've included below a link to the electronic version of my community newsletter for Winter 2018.

There are many articles included in this edition of the newsletter, including:

  • Our Advocacy Convinces Mayor Tory to Study Tunnelling the Eglinton West LRT (page 1)
  • Our Advocacy Convinces Pearson Airport to End Plans for Permanent Increase in Flights Over Etobicoke for Five Years (page 2)
  • We Saved Silver Creek! (page 2)
  • My Bill to Discourage Distracted Pedestrians and Drivers (page 2)
  • Balancing the Budget and Getting Better Value for Tax Dollars (page 6)
  • We are Expanding Healthcare in Etobicoke (page 6)
  • My Private Member's Bill to Require All-Inclusive Pricing (page 7)

Click the link below under "Attachments" to read my Winter 2018 Community Newsletter.


Pdf icon Focused On Results: My Winter 2018 Community Newsletter

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