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  • March 01, 2018

Advocating So that Etobicoke Students can Attend Etobicoke Schools

My Advocacy Regarding Proposed Changes to Catholic School Boundaries


Many parents have expressed their concern to me about the proposed boundary changes for Catholic high schools in our community.

Three Catholic high schools in Etobicoke—Michael Power, Bishop Allen, and Father John Redmond—are over-capacity. Currently, 25 per cent of students at these schools live outside of Etobicoke (This includes students from the 905 area, other parts of Toronto and international students).

To relieve pressure on these three schools, the Toronto Catholic District School Board has proposed new catchment boundaries. If implemented, the proposal would have resulted in children graduating from elementary schools in Etobicoke, heading out to either St. Basil-the-Great, which is near Sheppard
Avenue West and Highway 400, or Archbishop Romero, at Humber Boulevard and Weston Road for high school.

Essentially this means that many students from central Etobicoke would be unable to attend their local high school, while high schools in Etobicoke would be occupied by students from outside our community.

My advocacy to ensure Etobicoke students can attend Etobicoke schools

This is unacceptable to me, particularly given that there is enough room in those three high schools to accommodate the demand from all students graduating from elementary school in Etobicoke.

I believe that children who live in Etobicoke should be able to go to school here.

That is why I have been advocating with the school board for a revised boundary proposal that would ensure that local students from our community have priority access to our local high schools.

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