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  • February 23, 2018

My Ban on Door-to-Door Sales, Adopted by Government, Coming into Effect March 1!

Dear Friends,

Today I was pleased to join Minister of Government and Consumer Services Tracy MacCharles to announce that the Ontario ban on door-to-door sales will come into effect as of March 1! This is as a result of the government adopting my Private Member's Bill to ban unsolicited door-to-door sales.

Click here to watch a video of the announcement.

My advocacy to ban door-to-door sales

I have heard all too often as your MPP from seniors and concerned constituents who have been taken advantage of by coercive and misleading sales people right on their own doorsteps. It is beyond reprehensible that some organizations have a business model based on taking advantage of vulnerable people.

I believe we must take action to protect Ontarians and end this predatory practice. That is why two years ago I introduced a Bill to ban the door-to-door sale of certain household products including air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces and water treatment devices.

Government adopts my Private Member's Bill

I was proud that soon after I introduced the Bill, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services adopted my Bill and introduced the Putting Consumers First Act, which would allow the government to ban unsolicited door-to-door sales. Shortly after that, regulations were passed specifying which products or services would be covered.

Today's Announcement

I was proud to join Minister MacCharles today to announce that Ontario's ban on door-to-door sales will come into effect as of March 1!

You can read the government press release by clicking here.

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