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  • June 10, 2016

Member's Statement: Second Reading of Bill 193, Door-to-Door Sales Prohibition Act

I hold a monthly seniors' advisory group meeting in my riding of Etobicoke Centre. When I started having those meetings, I began to hear from seniors who told me that they had received unwanted sales offers at their door, where salespeople use coercive, aggressive, misleading sales tactics to entice them into contracts, to take advantage of them, right at their own doorsteps.

Under the guise of saving consumers money, many dishonest salespeople dupe consumers into contracts that are more expensive than industry standards, that have harsh cancellation fees, and that provide inferior products and services that don't work or that don't perform as advertised.

While this is an issue that cuts across all ages and backgrounds, it's alarming to see how often they target those who can be vulnerable. It is beyond reprehensible to me that some organizations have a business model that's based on taking advantage of vulnerable people.

That is why I introduced Bill 193, the Door-to-Door Sales Prohibition Act, which would ban the sale, lease or rent at a consumer's home of products that have been the subject of these reprehensible tactics. I am pleased to note that consumer groups, CARP and a number of municipalities have passed motions supporting my bill and urging a provincial ban on door-to-door sales of these products. They include the city of Brampton, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Oshawa, Pickering, the township of North Dundas, the township of Wellington North and the city of Toronto, amongst others.

Consumers have spoken, advocacy groups have spoken, and now the municipalities are speaking up as well. We must take action to protect Ontarians from these predatory practices. When my bill is presented for second reading this afternoon, I hope that all members will join me in supporting this legislation. The seniors in my riding and consumers across Ontario deserve no less.

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